Things To Consider When Choosing A Hydrovac Truck For Excavation

Modern businesses are inclining towards safe and eco-friendly excavation solutions. This is one of the main reasons why hydrovac excavation has gained popularity and is rapidly replacing traditional excavation techniques. Hydrovacs use vacuum suction and jets of high-pressure water to excavate an area. Hydrovac excavation companies use specially built hydrovac trucks to carry out the excavation process.

A hydrovac truck is a specialized vehicle that removes soil by targeting it with a stream of high-pressure water. The slurry is then cleared using a vacuum hose and transported to the debris tank. These trucks allow safe and efficient excavation without exposing underground utilities.

But how do you find the perfect hydrovac truck for your hydro excavation project? This post details some important factors you need to consider when choosing an excavation truck in Edmonton.

Its Applications

Before investing in a Hydrovac system, do a little research to find out whether the system is capable of performing the tasks you have in mind. Hydrovac systems come with different features and capacities. Hence, all systems will not fulfill your needs

To find out the capacity of the hydrovac truck you require, you must determine the scale of your project beforehand. Answering these questions might help you decide on a particular hydrovac excavation truck:

  • Do you need a heavy-duty truck?
  • How long is your project going to take?

Its Design

Many trucks in the market are presented to buyers as ‘hydrovac trucks’ and ‘excavation trucks’ after some redesigning. However, these redesigned vehicles lack a lot of mechanical and hydraulic features that are characteristic of authentic hydrovac trucks. Thus, these trucks cannot perform effectively onsite and eventually break down. You must do thorough market research and gather information before choosing a hydrovac truck.

Its Capacity

Multiple companies have taken up the manufacturing of hydrovac trucks. However, each manufacturer has its own design standards for these trucks especially in terms of power and capacity. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to research thoroughly and look at their specifications such as water pressure and tank water capacity. These two factors are important to ensure that you are choosing the right excavation truck.

Its Price

You need to consider the price of hydrovac trucks to find out which one fits your budget and still meets the requirements of your project. The price of different hydrovac trucks varies significantly depending on their mechanical systems and other features. You can either buy a truck or rent one if buying a new machine is above your budget limit. You can also hire the services of a hydrovac representative to find you a hydrovac truck within your budget that fulfils your project’s requirements.

Its Safety Features

There’s no doubt that hydrovac excavation is a much safer process as compared to traditional excavation methods. Still, you must not overlook the safety features of hydrovac trucks before making a final choice. When selecting a particular truck, always check its safety features to ensure that you are investing capital in a worthwhile machine with ample features to keep your workers safe.

Soil Type

You should carry out a site visit before selecting a hydrovac truck to begin hydro excavation to find out the type of soil you are dealing with. This is important to ensure that you select a truck with the right power and capacity. Softer soil requires a light-duty truck while harder and clay-like soil will need a heavy-duty truck.

If you are working on a massive excavation project and the soil seems hard, choosing a heavy-duty hydrovac excavation truck should be your priority. Units with a minimum of 4000 PSI water pressure are good for almost all applications.

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