5 Amazing Benefits Of Hydrovac Excavation

Hydro excavation is a process of digging and moving soil using high-pressure water and air vacuums. The water pressure used in the process is so high that it loosens the soil and digs a hole. The wet and muddy excavated material is then vacuumed into a tank mounting on a hydro excavator truck which later carries the debris to a designated dump location.

Hydrovac technology is used in multiple industries and offers benefits that industrialists, especially construction contractors, celebrate worldwide. Compared to traditional excavation methods, this type of excavation is simpler, quicker, and more precise. It also requires less labor and is significantly less time-consuming than other conventional drilling methods that use manual shoveling to dig a hole.

Overall, hydrovac excavation has lots of benefits to offer. Let’s review some of these in detail below:

Advanced Technology

Hydro excavation uses advanced methods of digging. Although this method is not new, it is much more upgraded and has improved designs than conventional digging techniques.

The hydro excavator trucks used in the process are equipped with highly advanced vacuum systems, water heaters, and debris tanks. These trucks, designed to reach underground structures without damaging the buried utilities, use a combination of high-pressure water in a low stream and air vacuum to excavate the soil at a notably controlled rate.

Excavator machines then lift the mixture from the area through the vacuum and transfer all the debris to the tank via debris pipes.


Hydrovac excavation is a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional excavation methods. It requires less labor, offers accurate and precise excavation, and minimizes damages to utilities, surrounding pipelines, and the environment.

For example, in potholing, installing cables, or other excavation projects, hydro excavation accurately and precisely moves the soil. Any pipes or underground utilities are not damaged, and there are fewer chances of leaks and cracks. This results in fewer repairs and significantly decreases the overall cost of the project.


Hydrovac excavation offers a safe method of excavating and digging the soil. It requires less workforce and fewer tools, making it a non-mechanical procedure. The use of heavy machinery in conventional digging methods pose threats to laborers and damage the surrounding environment. However, with fewer machines involved in hydrovac excavation, workers are safe from machinery mishaps and accidents.

Moreover, hydrovac excavation requires laborers to stay on the surface and out of the excavation. This further reduces their chances of getting injured.


One of the most significant advantages of hydrovac excavation is that it is a non-destructive method to dig up soil. In most excavation projects, it is necessary to protect underlying pipelines and cables from excavation damage. However, due to the invasive nature of conventional excavation methods, protecting utilities is not always easy or even possible in some cases.

Hyrdovac excavation poses little threat to the surrounding and buried utilities such as water lines, sewer lines, gas pipes, and underground telecommunication cables. It uses an intense and focused stream of high-pressure water that prevents damage to the area that surrounds it.

Moreover, since no machinery with claws and metal shovels is used, the damage to existing structures in the soil is minimized.

Efficient Waste Removal

Hydrovac excavation is a much more efficient method of excavation as compared to conventional excavation methods. In this method, the dirt is removed through a large vacuum and stored in a tank. This tank then disposes of the waste at a proper disposal facility.

Quick removal of the waste material and dirt from the excavation site greatly facilities the project. It shortens the project’s timeline, as less time is spent cleaning the area. It also reduces the project’s labor cost that managers otherwise spend on clearing up the site.

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