5 Benefits Of Hydro-Vacuum Pumps For Municipalities

Over the years, technological advancement has revamped the way the construction industry operates. Many organizations are adopting new and more efficient methods of carrying out different tasks including digging and excavation.

Many municipalities in Canada have adopted hydrovac excavation as a method to minimize their project’s operational costs. This technique is new and utilizes hydrovac truck for digging. The extensive use of hydrovac trucks by various municipalities is a testament to their effectiveness.

These trucks are used in various projects including sewage removal, disposal, sewage jetting, electric and mechanical installations, and other plumbing jobs.

This post elaborates some of the ways municipalities can benefit from hydrovac trucks.


There is a high labor cost involved in the traditional and conventional methods of digging, excavating, and cleaning sites. A large number of workers are required to carry out all sorts of tasks from cleaning the site to the disposal of the debris.

On the other hand, the hydro vacuum truck requires only one or two equipment operators to complete the task – no manual labor is needed. Hence, using vacuum trucks is highly cost-effective for municipalities. Moreover, it is safer.


Compared to traditional excavation methods, the use of vacuum trucks in hydrovac techniques allows you to complete the task almost five times faster. Hence, municipalities can complete their projects without any delays. This means a company or municipality can take on more projects. Moreover, the tasks performed by the machines are more accurate, so the task can be completed without any redos.

Operational Efficiency

Hydro vacuum trucks are very effective in decreasing the downtime of a project. You do not have to repeatedly transport these trucks to and from the operation site. You can put them back in operation mode after the cleaning task is completed and the material that was being cleaned is collected directly in the tank. Thus, you can easily dispose of the materials using vacuum pumps.


A hydrovac is not limited to excavating or digging only. In reality, they are well-equipped to deal with all sorts of materials from the ground. Because these trucks have tanks for storing water and debris from the digging site, they can be used for cleaning up the area as well.

In addition to this, hydrovac trucks are the perfect equipment to overhaul hazardous materials from a large surface. A typical hydrovac tank has the capacity to hold up to 1500-2000 gallons of water approximately. They transport this water to the site for disposal without disturbing or polluting the surroundings.

Utilizing Recycled Water

The hydrovac trucks also have a recycling option that allows the truck operator to reuse the water already available in the truck’s water storage tank. This feature is not only eco-friendly but helps companies save a lot of money.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of a hydrovac machine, there are additional advantages that municipalities achieve through the correct and proper execution of their excavation activities. These modern excavation techniques are safe, effective, and convenient for both the community and the municipalities.

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