Excavation projects require reliable equipment to get the job done. If you are looking to rent hydrovac machines, trailers, trucks, or drills for your next excavation or similar project, Ghost Hydrovac is here to cater to your needs. Ghost Hydrovac focuses on giving its clients the best excavation and related services for their demolition, construction, and landscaping projects.

We address your excavation demands and provide you with short-term leasing or rental services. We are committed to providing fast, quality equipment, and the lowest possible rental rates for a broad range of machines.

Some key advantages of using our rental services include :

  • Renting the hydrovac for the quickest way to bore down deep holes using pressurized water and a vacuum truck.
  • Rent directional drills to create prescribed holes by minimizing the impact on environmentally sensitive areas and protecting underground utilities.
  • Leasing trailers to transport your goods and materials with a truck capable of bearing high-load capacity.
  • Rent diesel pickup trucks to tow your heavy loads.
  • Various leasing options including short-term leases to match our customer needs.

Contact us today to rent our excavation and trucking options at an affordable leasing rate.


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