Reasons To Choose A Hydrovac Truck For An Excavation Project

When it comes to excavating and removing hard and frozen soil and other materials from underground utilities, hydro excavation is a safe method. It removes all unwanted matter, leaving underground tools, utilities, and plant matter undamaged. These specialized vacuum trucks perform hydrovac projects, a safer and more effective option than traditional digging techniques.

Hydrovac trucks can get the excavation jobs done safely and cost-efficiently. They provide safe removal of unwanted substances buried underneath the ground, eliminating the potential risk of accidents that may otherwise lead to financial obligations and serious physical injuries. As these trucks can dig in virtually all soil types, including clay, they offer the most practical form of digging up frozen ground.

A hydrovac truck equipped with a debris tank and water reservoir can suck up underground materials, like clay, gravel, and stone. You can safely and effectively use it for various hydrovac jobs, including daylighting, utility location, soil trenching, debris removal, directional drilling, potholing, backfill restoration, cold weather digging, and pipeline and utility crossing. Let’s discuss some of these hydro excavation projects briefly:

  • Daylighting: Daylighting is when hydrovac trucks are used to uncover and expose underground utilities to broad daylight to ensure on-site safety. It results in reducing costs and increasing the productivity of the excavation process.
  • Trenching: Trenching is one of the most common excavation methods, carried out through specialized vacuum trucks. There are different trenching techniques, like slot, perimeter, box and linear, and cross and boundary trenching, depending on the particular excavation project.
  • Directional Drilling: This excavation technique can make necessary underground changes in specific directions and depth using hydrovac trucks.
  • Pipeline & Utility Crossing: This excavation method is used in congested areas to ensure underground installations are not damaged during the drilling process. Using this technique, vacuum trucks help in excavating regions adjacent to pipeline and utility crossings without causing any damage to them.

Now, we will look into some of the top reasons why you should choose a hydrovac truck for your excavation project:

Lesser Manpower Required

When using techno-specific dirt vacuum trucks, there’s less demand for a workforce, which is why these trucks are low-cost and less time-consuming. These vacuum trucks can save you a lot more time and money than traditional methods.

Increased Operational Safety

Traditional digging methods use manual digging tools like backhoes, risking your human resources’ safety and the underlying pipes and utilities. Since no conventional equipment is used when deploying a dirt vacuum truck, it results in increased worker and underground utility safety.

No Damage To Surrounding Assets

These hydro excavation trucks use high-pressure water to excavate underground areas and then use a vacuum to suck up any debri and other unwanted material. Traditional equipment could harm the environment and disturb the surrounding area, using hydrovac trucks results in non-destructive excavation.

Enhanced Cost And Time Efficiency

An industrial vacuum truck sucks in wet and dry waste into the tank with the vacuum pipe’s help. Compared to conventional methods, which take days to get the work completed, using a hydrovac truck results in getting the job done faster. This reduced project time reduces the overall projects’ cost, ensuring the project’s cost-effectiveness.

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