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Ghost Hydrovac is an experienced hydro excavation company based in Edmonton and Surrey, Vancouver. We offer top-quality hydrovac services, including horizontal directional drilling, high-pressure washing, steam cleaning and flushing, utility installation and repair, and excavation solutions across Alberta and British Columbia. Our dedicated hydrovac services will allow you to avoid the dangers of traditional diggings, such as damaging or cutting into pipes.

Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive excavation method involving two steps. The pressurized water loosens the soil around underground utilities such as cables, gas lines, and other buried utilities. A vacuum system then removes the dirt and exposes the underground infrastructure. It is effective on all soil types, including clay and frozen ground. Ghost Hydrovac allows contractors to put more pipes in the ground, install more poles, or complete more service repairs by safely clearing a path through utility conflicts.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Our horizontal directional drilling method helps create a prescribed bore path from the ground's surface for various purposes, like underground telecommunication and power cable conduit and water, sewer, and gas line installation.

Our available drills include the Ditch Witch JT5, JT10 and big JT24 Drill.

The directional boring technique has minimal impact on the surrounding area; it is ideal for environmentally-sensitive areas such as utilities under roadways, waterways, or developed landscapes. We use small drills for short distances and small diameter lines or huge drill rigs for pipes with huge diameters.

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High-Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning And Flushing

We provide reliable high-pressure washing and steam cleaning services for equipment, buildings, decks, sidewalks, and any other application where you need tough dirt and grime removed. We also provide efficient flushing services for storm and sewer lines, lift stations and catch basins.

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Utility Installation And Repair

Ghost Hydrovac offers the best utility infrastructure installation and repair services across BC and Alberta. We service various utility types, including water and sewer lines, natural gas lines, oil and gas pipelines, conduits, and cables for the telecommunication and power sector.

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We offer efficient and secure hydrovac excavation services for demolition, construction, and landscaping projects throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Our specialized hydrovac team of experts removes or displaces soil from one area to another using pressurized water and a vacuum truck.

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Excavation projects require reliable equipment to get the job done. If you are looking to rent hydrovac machines, trailers, trucks, or drills for your next excavation or similar project, Ghost Hydrovac is here to cater to your needs. Ghost Hydrovac focuses on giving its clients the best excavation and related services for their demolition, construction, and landscaping projects.

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