Steam Cleaning: Advantages & Applications

The most common washing technique used in commercial and industrial settings is pressure washing, which can clean almost any type of dirty surface. However, there are some dirty surfaces and buildings that require a tougher approach to clean them completely. This is where steam cleaning finds its application. In this technique, steam is introduced at high temperatures at a lower GPM (Gallons Per Minute) flow. In this type of cleaning, grease, grime and dirt are removed through hot steam instead of pressure-washing.

Steam cleaning services prefer this method as it requires less water usage and cleans more efficiently and faster, thus reducing operating and labor costs. In this post, we have enlisted some of the advantages and applications of the steam cleaning technique.

Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

If you are looking for a way to remove grease and grime from any surface efficiently, then steam cleaning offers you a significant advantage over other traditional cleaning methods. For instance, using a pressure-washer sometimes leaves behind an oily residue, even when you use hot water. But if you use high-temperature steam with your pressure washer, it will completely remove the stuck-on dirt and oily residue.

This is important; if you are rebuilding an engine, you need to clean it thoroughly. Another place where you can use steam cleaning is your restaurant, where you have grease and oil stains on the walls and floors that have built-up over the months.


Steam cleaning uses a small quantity of water for operation. This means that the amount of run-off and splatter after each cleaning cycle is relatively low. When using a hot water pressure washer, you will still splatter oil residues when removing them, and the quantity of water runoff will also be higher. Therefore professional cleaners employ the steam cleaning method in the majority of their jobs. To avoid reclamation, professional cleaners use this technique as it reduces the amount of run-off.


One major benefit of the steam cleaning technique is heat. The heat ensures faster, is and is more efficient, and effective at cleaning, using less water to get the job done. Chemical detergents work best when used with steam as they emulsify dirt and oil much better. This ensures thorough cleaning that leaves no oil residues behind. If you plan on repainting or refinishing any surface, this method is perfect as it ensures that the surface will remain clean for a long time.

Lower Operating Costs

A lesser quantity of water is used in steam pressure washers, and hot water evaporates at a relatively higher rate. This ensures that the total amount of water run-off is less than 55 percent, unlike in a standard pressure washer. This means that there is less water consumption and runoff; hence the waste of resources is significantly reduced. It also lowers the steam cleaning system’s total operating cost, which provides a huge advantage to professional cleaners. Thus steam cleaning decreases your expenses which can be redirected towards other places.

Applications Of Steam Cleaning

The following are some common applications of steam cleaning.

Gum Removal

You may have noticed a piece of gum stuck on a driveway or sidewalk. Removing it with a steam pressure washer makes the otherwise difficult task easier. The combination of high temperatures and pressurized steam allows the gum to break free from the surface, thus effectively removing it.

Cleaning Grease Traps

One of the toughest spots to clean in a food processing plant or a restaurant is one with grease or oil traps in them. Using a steam pressure washer will allow you to remove the grease trap completely without having to use any elbow grease.

Some other places where steam cleaning finds its application includes auto shops where you can clean off engines and transmissions before working on them. Another example is cleaning delicate surfaces such as monuments, memorials, headstones, and historical buildings without causing permanent damage.

Steam pressure cleaning is an ideal method for wide-ranging cleaning jobs. It causes less pressure against any surface you are cleaning and significantly reduces the chances of permanent damage.

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