6 Benefits Of Choosing Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is a specialized construction technique used by several companies worldwide. It includes laying items such as pipes and communication lines underground without digging up a trench, preserving the area’s aesthetic appeal. Horizontal directional drilling HDD involves three steps.

  • First, a pilot hole is drilled directionally from one surface to another.
  • The pilot hole is enlarged to make it wide enough to install a new pipeline.
  • Lastly, the pipeline gets pulled into the hole.

There’s no need to employ large crews, perform costly digging, conduct road closures, and go through other traditional excavating and pipe installation complications when you’re using this method.

Here, we will discuss the six advantages of using horizontal directional drilling HDD technique in hydro excavation projects:

Quick And Efficient Installations

The horizontal directional drilling method makes for a much faster installation of underground utilities. Digging a trench underground to add a piping system does significant damage not only to the ground but also takes a considerable amount of time to put everything back together.

However, using the directional drilling technique requires digging only one pilot hole and a machine to replace the underground piping system. Using the HDD method means displacing, reburying, and disposing of lesser dirt compared to conventional methods. This ensures maximum time savings for different excavation purposes, including water and sewer line and utilities.

Increased Durability

One significant advantage of horizontal directional drilling is that it makes use of increasingly durable materials with a long useful lifespan. Besides this, it provides increased utility placement accuracy, avoiding potential damages during the installation process. HDD allows efficient pipe and utility installation under rivers, driveways, and burying these lines improves the overall processes durability.

Less Disruptions

Horizontal directional Drilling displaces less soil and doesn’t require you to dig down into a property’s entire length of underground utilities. This helps to preserve landscaping without causing any disruptions.

Disruption refers to the overall disrupted landscaping and the amount of time taken to complete a particular hydro excavation project. HDD reduces both these factors significantly, which is why it’s the most preferred drilling technique today.

Decreased Costs

As horizontal directional drilling is a quicker technique, it also means lower process costs. Also, less dirt displacement means a lesser need for dirt replacement, which saves time. HDD also requires fewer operators; which results in significant savings in terms of workforce. There’s usually less equipment needed as this method doesn’t rely on backhoes and other heavy equipment rentals, reducing overall costs.

Enhanced Location Flexibility

Horizontal directional drilling provides obstruction-free pipes, water and sewer lines, and utility installation. Suppose you need to place a utility line under a road, driveway, river, or area where the line must curve; horizontal drilling allows for all as it’s an increasingly flexible drilling method.

Fewer Permit Issues

Whether you need to drill an area for a residential or commercial purpose, horizontal directional drilling requires little to no permitting. This is because it’s a drilling method that causes significantly less disturbance and debris. You also don’t need to block traffic when using HDD compared to traditional drilling techniques.

As HDD has fewer works and equipment requirements, it’s relatively easier to get approval from concerned authorities to perform the required drilling job.

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