What Is Hydrovac Excavation And Some Of Its Applications?

As the name suggests, hydro-vac excavation is a method of excavation that uses water. It is a modern technique that saves time and effort and prevents damage on construction sites. Let’s now look at how it works and some of the specific applications of this method.

How Does Hydro-vac Excavation Work?

It is a soil removing method an excavation company offers. How this approach is different from traditional soil removing methods is the use of water. High-pressure water is used to remove the soil and uncover the underground utilities.

The pressure of the water creates a slurry of dirt. The excavating experts then remove this slurry of dirt using a vacuum method. When the slurry of dirt is removed, the underground layers and utilities are exposed.

This method’s most common utility is when you need to expose the pipelines and underground structures of an existing construction project for maintenance or replacement. Hydro-vac excavation provides an advantage when it comes to minimizing the chances of breaking any fixtures such as pipes and cables.

Some Major Applications Of Hydrovac Excavation

There are many applications of hydro-vac excavation. There are many general applications, as well as some particular ones which are discussed below;

Removing Debris

Debris can gather on the earth’s surface and cause problems for the citizens living in the area. Removing debris is one of the essential utilities of hydro-vac excavation. The excavation experts need to remove the soil to clear the debris that has gone under the ground. To clear the ground for other utilities or to start a construction project, debris removal is inevitable.

Installing Signs/Poles

Whenever there is a need to install a new sign or a pole, hydro-vac excavation is a very effective method. The removal of the soil becomes very easy with this method and reduces the time and effort required to a considerable extent.

There is no need to use any mechanical equipment that may damage the soil surrounding the site where you need to install the pole.

Uncovering Underground Utilities

Wherever you need to uncover underground utilities, hydro-vac excavation is the most effective and efficient soil removing method. Gone are the days when a typical drilling method was the only way to discover what was beneath the earth’s surface.

Technology has made the impossible possible. Now there are many ways of doing time consuming tasks efficiently.

Day Lighting

Daylighting is another application where hydro-vac excavation can be very effective. When you need to install a skylight or any other passage from the sun, go beneath the surface and light it up.

Daylighting can also be done in existing construction projects and buildings. When you need to make changes to the existing building, you need to take extra care not to damage the structure. This method also helps install windows, doors, and other passages for sunlight to reach different areas and stories underground.

Inspecting And Repairing Sewage Lines

Sewage lines need maintenance, repair, and replacement time and again. For this purpose, hydro-vac excavation reduces the time and effort of sewage workers. It removes the soil for the sewage workers so that they can do their work with complete access to the damaged spot.

Sewage fixtures can get damaged and start leaking from somewhere beneath the surface of the earth. To fix these pipes and sewage lines, you need an efficient soil removing method that does not cause further damage to the pipes. Hydro-vac excavation is the best option for the maintenance inspection, and replacement of the sewage pipes safely and successfully.

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