How Can I Choose The Right Hydro-Vac Truck For My Application?

Hydrovac excavation is a relatively new technique for digging that uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to break down the soil. It is a mud extracting service. Instead of automated tools, the process uses pressurized water to create a dirt slurry and then sucks it all out in a debris tank with the help of a vacuum system.

This blog aims to discuss everything you need to know about hydro-vac services before hiring one.

Benefits Of Using A Hydrovac Service

A hydrovac is used to dig up all sorts of debris such as clay, sand and pebbles. This process is done under the supervision of experts who are trained to use hydrovac trucks.

  • It is a relatively safe process of excavation and doesn’t require extensive labor.
  • This process ensures that the soil in the surrounding area is not disturbed.
  • This process is quicker.
  • This process doesn’t cause any damage to the existing infrastructure.

This makes the process smooth, simple. So no underground fixtures are deteriorated.

What’s The Process Of Hydro Excavation?

A hydrovac works by directing high pressure water through a hose, which displaces the soil. When the soil becomes a slurry mixture, it is then sucked out using the vacuums’ pumping structure and stored in the debris tank.

Powerful hydrovac trucks can dig up to 60 feet deep. These trucks can be used on any surface type to gather debris.

Hydrovac Applications

Hydrovac systems can be used at a variety of work sites for construction, repairs, and rehabilitation. You can use this system for:

  • Removal of debris
  • Installing lines
  • Sign installation
  • Potholing
  • Pole installation
  • Inspection and repairing of sewers

Efficiency And Experience

Excavation needs to be performed efficiently, especially when the site is in the city. This is a less invasive mode of extraction compared to mechanical digging resulting in less disruption to local inhabitants.

Hiring private companies who are experienced in excavation work is the best policy as they are particularly trained to offer this service professionally and they have the right equipment which will make your work worthwhile and quick. A pressure greater than 3000 pounds per square inch ( PSI) during hydro-vac excavation can harm the subsurfaces’ utilities; they will know how to customize the machine according to the site’s requirements.


Accuracy and precision are the most important aspects for an excavation project as there isn’t much room for omission. Projects that involve cutting and digging can damage underground utilities.

It provides a result neater than normal excavation because debris can be dumped anywhere. These trucks generally have tanks that store slurry in them.


Vacuum trucks are available for sale and for rent as well. Depending on the project and your needs, hiring is the best alternative because every project will require different machinery hence purchasing them will not be a viable option.

You should hire a company that is well known and has a well-trained crew.

Since hydrovac excavation is a faster method when compared to other traditional methods it can help you save you time.

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