Top 5 Tips To Make Your Hydrovac Excavation Process Efficient

Hydrovac excavation is the modern way of excavation. It is a safe and efficient method, unlike the traditional approaches of drilling and digging soil. If you don’t want to cause any damage to your underground utilities during the excavation process, follow these tips below:

Use An Oscillating Nozzle

You might not realize, but it is a fact that water is a strong source and can damage your utilities. You must execute your hydrovac excavation efficiently. To keep the efficiency of the process, you need to ensure that the nozzle is constantly rotating. By doing so, you can reduce the water pressure exerted on the utility and avoid consequential damage.

The rotating nozzle offers a consistent stream of water that softens the soil entirely without harming your utilities.

Keep Your Water Pressure At 3000 psi

Keeping an eye on your water pressure while excavating an underground utility is critical. To guarantee the efficiency and safety of the process, you must not exceed the 3000 psi limit. It is ideal to keep it between 2500 to 3000.

If you are using hot water, it is essential to keep the pressure low. Hot water can be more dangerous for utilities as compared to water at normal temperatures.

Keep An 8 Inch Distance From The Utility

When executing the hydrovac excavation process, your prime focus must be to avoid damaging the utilities. You must keep a safe distance from the utility. When using the hydrovac, keep the nozzle 8 inches away from the utility to ensure safety.

If you bring the nozzle too close to the utility, there is a risk that you may damage the utility. Keeping the safe distance will ensure the successful completion of the process.

Move The Nozzle Constantly

It is also critical to constantly move the nozzle. If you keep the nozzle at one spot for a long time, it might damage the utility despite using the rotating nozzle. Especially if you are not using the rotating nozzle, it is pivotal to keep a constant motion.

Doing so will guarantee two things. First, it will reduce the risk of damage, and second it will enable the operator to spray water uniformly and soften the soil efficiently for easy soil movement. When the soil is easily moveable, the overall efficiency and precision of the excavation process enhances.

Not Digging With The Nozzle

When using the nozzle to put water pressure on the soil for excavation, you might think you can dig the soil too directly with the nozzle. However if you were to dig the soil by putting the nozzle in the soil you can clog it.

When the nozzle gets clogged, it can result in delays. When an excavation process takes too long to complete, it is no longer efficient. The reduction of time and enhanced smoothness is beneficial for the excavation workers and the client. To avoid any delays in the excavation process, you must be careful not to bring the nozzle close to the soil.

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