Safety Precautions Utility Installation Workers Should Take

Utility workers are exposed to many threats each day due to open wires, fire eruption risks, weather conditions, and more. So, they must take every necessary safety precaution to keep everyone on their team and themselves safe. A professional utility installation company always takes care of their worker’s safety and ensures that each team member follows the safety protocols and regulations. Statistics show that almost 300,000 workers die each year due to carelessness in utility installations and repairs.

Therefore, if you are planning to take utility installation and repair services from a company, you must consider the safety regulations mentioned below to check if the company is abiding by the rules or not. This blog post mentions a few important things you can check to ensure the safety of the utility installation workers.

They Must Wear PPE

PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. It is the safety uniform that a worker has to wear to keep himself safe during a job and minimize the hazards that might occur at the workplace. PPE protects their bodies from sunburns and keeps them safe in case of a fire accident. Such PPE is made of non-combustible material and so is flame resistant.

Thankfully, many companies manufacture PPEs suitable for both the summer and winter seasons. The polyester material is often too hot for summer, but the new materials that are being manufactured are designed for both summer and winter. In addition to this, a tight and tucked-in uniform also minimizes the chances of accidents.

If you plan to work with such a company or hire a utility installation company, ensure that they follow the safety protocols. Ghost Hydrovac provides different utility services with full safety standards, so your work is completed on time and without any hassle.

They Should Take Measures To Avoid Falls

Utility installation and maintenance is a profession full of dangers. You have to go underground and reach the tops of buildings, and all these involve many risk factors. A professional company would take care of this and know that it can be challenging to work at such heights.

So, every company that gives out utility installation services should consider safety measures to avoid falls. They should have the safety equipment, including the ropes, harnesses, boots, and more, to smoothen the process. Otherwise, any damage on the job site can put you liable for the accident.

They Should Be Equipped

Having the right equipment during the job can save the team from potential hazards. Nowadays, many companies have hydrovac vehicles that have eased the process of utility installation and repair. They smooth out the process by not disturbing the upper ground surface. Furthermore, they must have advanced tools to initiate the installation and safety equipment to mitigate any unexpected event.

There Should Be Reminders

Workers can get used to a routine and forget about considering certain safety protocols. However, there should be weekly or monthly meetings as reminders to ensure that everyone follows the rules for the company’s and employees’ safety. There should be alert signs if there is danger of electrocution so workers remain alert about it.

Have Regular Training

Regular training and educating existing and new employees can significantly make a difference. A professional utility installation repair company would strive to keep its employees aware of the basic and advanced safety rules to avoid accidents and lives.

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