Hot Shot Delivery

At Ghost Hydrovac, we also offer fast and reliable Hot-Shot Delivery Express Service from Alberta to BC and BC to Alberta. With our efficient and reliable trucks and trailers, we provide delivery service for both light and heavyweight parcels.

Our flexible and scalable hot shot delivery system in BC and Alberta is designed to meet peak demand. From distribution centers to retail partners, and storefronts our hot shot delivery logistics are designed to seamlessly tackle everything.

Some would say that booking an LTL truck is a safer and easier way to transport freight. However, just booking and checking the availability of the truck can take 24-48 hours. For businesses, warehouses, and shops that need to restock or move products faster, there is no better option than opting for hot shot delivery services.

Since we have trucks and trailers traveling between BC and Alberta every day, we provide same-day, one-day and overnight delivery.

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